Results & Points Standings

Every effort is made throughout the year to ensure that accurate results and point standings are posted; however, please realize that mistakes are occasionally made. FL05 hopes that you understand that any discrepancies are unintentional, and any mistakes will be corrected. If you have questions or concerns about results/points please contact Renee Kitching 561-436-2909 or FL05 keeps hard copies of everything in the office to confirm results.

2019 Results

2019 Points: OPEN · SENIOR · YOUTH

2018 Results

2018 Points - as of 12/22

2018 World Qualifiers

2017 Results

2017 Points - as of 12/16

2017 World Qualifiers

2016 Results

2016 Points - as of 12/17

2016 World Qualifiers

2015 Results

2015 Points

2015 World Qualifiers

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