Trophies Collect Dust, Money Collects Interest

Welcome to NBHA Disctrict FL05, which covers Broward, Dade, Martin and Palm Beach counties. Our new director, Renee Kitching, is well known for smooth-running, by the books shows, and with her comes many new and exciting changes, from live results at our shows to more frequent events. The remainder of 2015 will follow in the footsteps of our long time director, but we are looking forward to making it even bigger and better for 2016!

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News & Updates

10/22/2016: ATTENTION: There has been a date and location change for the November show - it is now November 12 at Timer Powers Park. There has also been a location change for the December show - it is now at Debbie Sherrod's Glades Arena. Please let your friends know! All results and points are now updated through 10/16.

8/24/2016: Points are now updated through 8/13.

8/15/2016: Results from 8/13 are now available.

6/22/2016: State results are now posted. Results & Points

6/9/2016: All results and points are now available through the May show.

5/8/2016: All results and points are now available through the April show.

4/27/2016: Get Your Horse Scoped at State for Only $25! Are you coming to the 2016 FL NBHA Show armed with the knowledge of whether or not your barrel horse is a “bleeder”, or in other words has EIPH (Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage)? Has your horse been previously diagnosed, but you’d like to know whether prescribed medications and/or supplements are working? Come out to see us 30 minutes to one hour after your horse’s run to get answers and to receive a FREE FLAIR strip for future use! One of the airway endoscope images on this flyer had been previously diagnosed, while the other had never showed signs of EIPH. The horse with past history of nose bleeds was on multiple “bleeder” supplements at the time, but not the veterinary recommended medication. One horse was a consistent 1D horse, while the other was a 2D horse. Each of these horses was scoped after a run at the 2015 FL NBHA Show. Come see us at the State show this year and let us help you improve your performance!

3/18/2016: Points are updated through March 12.

3/12/2016: Thank you everyone for coming out! 96 in the Open - congrats to Terry Gould and NY Just Say Money for winning with a 15.839. See everyone next month in Okeechobee!

3/11/2016: State show hook-ups are SOLD OUT! Points and 05 only results are now available. See you all tomorrow at Jim Brandon! don't forget - the awards ceremony has been changed to the April show.

2/28/2016: What a fun day at the Homestead Rodeo Grounds! We had the perfect amount of riders to fill the block of time we were given during the Chili Cook-Off. Congratulations to Lisa Miller on Twice A Shiney Badger for winning the Open with a 17.966. See you all next month!

2/23/2016: Points are updated through January 30.

1/30/2016: Thanks everyone for coming out to the first show of the new year! We had 111 riders in Open - congratulations to Taylor Zbytek on Hanks Flyin Hope for winning it with a 15.987! See everyone next month in Homestead.

1/26/2016: JANUARY 30th - LOCATION CHANGE - The January 30th show has been moved from Glades Cutoff Arena to Timer Powers Park. Please let everyone know!

1/10/2016: Due to a scheduling conflict, the March show date has been changed from March 19 to March 12. Sorry for the confusion everyone!

12/18/2015: Points have been posted for 2015. Congratulations to all of our winners! Stay tuned for a listing of World/Youth World Qualifiers!

12/6/2015: The votes have been counted, and the proposed system 02 with $35 entry fee has passed with 21 votes. System 01 with $30 entry received 4 votes, and the Current System received 2 votes. All WPRA members that voted chose to have shows WPRA approved and to pay $5 per person at each show attended to cover the costs of getting the shows approved.

12/4/2015: Voting is now CLOSED for the proposed 2016 changes. Please stay tuned for the results!

11/25/2015: Results and points through the November 14th show are now available.

11/16/2015: Voting is now open for the proposed 2016 changes, and will remain so until December 3rd (in order to give us time to calculate the votes before the December show). You must be a current FL05 member in good standing in order for your vote to counted. VOTE HERE - VIEW PROPOSED PAYOUT/FEE SCHEDULES HERE

11/11/2015: FL05 only results for the October show at the Ag Center are now available under Results. Points have also been updated.

11/04/2015: Due to a complaint received regarding entries, we will no longer be accepting any form of pre entry for future shows. All entries must be made in person by the competitor or their representative and paid in full before a draw number will be given. Please plan to arrive early if you are riding multiple horses and need adequate splits, as we may not be able to accommodate your needs otherwise.

10/15/2015: Points have been updated through the September 5 show, and will be updated to include the October show soon. The November show will be at the Jim Brandon Equestrian Center and will also include a member meeting at 11:00am to discuss changes for 2016. Remember - we are using the same payout format for our shows that was used by our previous director. Please plan to attend the meeting if you wish to see any changes for next year!

10/11/2015: What a great weekend! Our first big show with Renee as the new 05 director is now over, and it's time to start planning for next month. Congratulations to all of our winners this weekend - it was great to see everyone! Full results for the entire weekend are now available under Results & Points.

Saturday Open results are now posted on site, along with draws, as well as available under results. Saturday Youth and Senior will be posted soon. Thank you for your patience.

Please bare with us - we had a small hiccup with our results program and will not be able to post results for Saturday until Sunday morning. We will get them posted, along with Sunday add-ons, as soon as possible. Thank you!

10/02/2015: Pre-entries are now closed for the October 9-11 show at the Ag Center.

09/28/2015: Pre-entries are now open for the October 9-11 show at the Ag Center.

09/22/2015: We will begin taking online pre-entries for the October 9-11 show at the Ag Center on September 28. Please check back for more info! There are also a few stalls left, so if you need a stall, please contact Renee ASAP!

09/06/2015: Last night's show at Glades Arena went great, with 94 Open entries and 39 in Youth. Congratulations to Karina Stein on Sassy for winning Open with a 15.237, and to Lauren Santagata on Wonders Flirtin Jet for winning Youth with a 15.624. Results are now posted on the results page, as well as on Facebook. The calendar has now been updated to reflect several new dates. The November 14th show will be held at Jim Brandon, with a member meeting at 11:00am to discuss changes for 2016. Please plan to attend!

08/26/2015: We will be having a members' meeting at the November show to discuss changes for 2016. Please keep an eye on the calendar for the date and location!

08/23/2015: The deadline for Award Sponsor Money has been extended to the September 5 show at Sherrod's arena. Bring separate check or cash please - this WILL be the final date to turn them in to be eligible for 2015 awards.